IoT and Big Data, or the need to manage more information


Knowledge is power. This is something that companies take into account more and more as they develop their Big Data strategies. In the era or ICTs the accumulation of information about consumers and users has become fundamental. So important that we can already see prestigious companies making million dollar investments on Big Data.


The arrival of the computer to households and the emergence of the internet has produced an increase in online contracting that is reflected in the need to a handle huge amount of data. Big Data is therefore postulated as a discipline that asks how to use and screen the data, that is, it is useless to store information if it is not relevant, as it can lead to anti-economic results.


internet of things sap big data besh



From the need to manage massive amounts of information and to filter what information is really relevant, comes Big Data SAP. The technology of treating or processing data is indispensable to obtain economic results beneficial to the company.


Big Data SAP serves, therefore, to provide information in such a way that we can differentiate what information is relevant from what is not. This information system exposes data in such a way that the SAP consultants can understand and intepret. It should be stressed that SAP is a product that is not free and must be managed by professionals, at no time should we delegate the task of Big Data to an inexperienced person.


Big Data SAP, in short, will allow tasks to be perfomed in a simplified and time-saving manner. The use of this system is indispensable for the companies that handle Big Data.


Big Data is fundamental for modern companies, and above all, those in the technological scope or that collect data, for example, through a web platform. In this manner we can create personalized discount coupons and promotions, create customer loyalty and channel data, such as business indicators to maximize our profits.


In conclusion, a modern company must practice Big Data. With the massive analysis of information through Big Data SAP, we can simplify the information and with the help of a SAP consultant we will know how to interpret it and thus maximize our sales and, therefore, our profits.


The investment in ICTs is one of the outstanding debts of the Spanish entrepreneur as well as the Hispanic entrepreneur. By investing in new technologies and in Big Data we will achieve better performance and ROI and, as a result, we will be able to make new investments that, in turn, will allow us to have more benefits.

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